Abir is one of my best friend in my friend circle. He is very good boy I think. He spend lot of time on reading books. Then he spend on Football.

He is a great fan of RONALDO and REAL MADRID. His house stands besides our house. So that we communicate very easily.



"A great genious boy in our class. Very intelligent and brilliant". He think those. So that He cannot make good result. Ha ha ha.

Good boy, intelligent, brilliant too. We spend a lot of time together. we are best friend.



There are some problem in him. But After all we are good friend.

He is good boy, free minded. Some time I dislike him for his stupidity. Otherwise He is a good friend.



A little PIGMY boy. Little Engineer of Computer in our friend circle. He knows nothing but his style like he knows everything. He is a great fraud. But he is a good boy too like my other friend.



My sweet brother. Lived in a small village. But always stand in my mind. We are same ages. He is like a Best friend to me. Best of luck.


My Romio cousin. Smart boy, Lazy boy too. Sweet minded. He is not only my brother but also my one of the best friend.

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